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BoxHouse Villages, Monahans TX

Why should you invest?

  • 100% of your investment qualifies for special government tax incentives.

  • Tax Savings can be taken against active income including W2 income.

  • Rapid return of your investment capital (2 years)

  • Secured with fully leased 48-unit hospitality project.

  • Instant cash flow starting day one of your investment.

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Virtual Tour of Boxhouse

Oil workers love BoxHouse Village Monahan’s


Longevity of West Texas

Texas oil and gas industry shatters job records in March

US Oil and Gas Production are Ahead of Last Years Record Pace cord-pace/?sh=562de3b060ac

Permian Basins Larges Land Owners

Nacero Plant (3500 workers) 19 Minutes from BoxHouse Village Monahan’s

Warren Buffett invests billions in the Permian Basin oil-holdings/


IRS Code Qualifications

By tracking and managing your investment in the cloudbeds portal you meet the IRS qualifications to use depreciation against your active income. (See section on Material Participation)

How can I use depreciation to offset my W2 income?